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急速赛车是正规的吗:The broader market volatility Private equity claim to be able to withstand

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内容摘要: “There was no major downtrend today, but following last week’s sell-off,stock indexhit an intraday low this year, and the disk movement is ...

“There was no major downtrend today, but following last week’s sell-off, stock index hit an intraday low this year, and the disk movement is indeed not optimistic.” After the close of trading on June 11, an unnamed market Analysts solved the plate on the author.

The three major indices of Shanghai and Shenzhen fell collectively on the same day. They opened lower in the morning and then followed the low order. They once slumped in the afternoon and magnified the decline, eventually closing the K-line. As of closing time, the Shanghai Composite Index closed down 0.47% to 3,052.78 points; Shenzhen Component Index closed down 0.30%, to report 10175.35 points; Growth Enterprise Board refers to closed down 1.34% at 1688.62 points.

The closing prices of the three major stock indexes also set new lows. The Shanghai Composite Index hit its lowest closing price since the start of the month. Shenzhen Component Index hit its lowest closing price since February 12, and the GEM is the lowest closing price since February 26.

Technically, the box consolidation pattern has not yet broken

The market participants pointed out that from a technical point of view, the broad market still has not broken the box concussion pattern, and the weekly trend shows that the market is still in the process of running down. From the perspective of the time-sharing chart, the stock index's hourly K line appeared divergence and the trading volume at the end of the session has increased, reflecting the fear of market sentiment rising.

"The stock index is still in a weak position. If it continues to decline, the support level may also move below 3000 points. The living space is really small and there is no money making effect. Short power dominates, and the market's fear of liquidity may be an aspect. Recently, it has been raising the risk of debt default, which may also be a very important negative factor. Everyone is afraid of stepping on mines."

The market believes that the market has continued to slump in the near-term, and there is a lack of market confidence. Investors should wait and see less and operate less. Wait for the market to stabilize before doing the right operation.

This view has been supported by people in the industry.

Another private equity person told the author that the current operation strategy is to wait until the wet storage, unless is scheduled to cast index, otherwise there is no need to sell, and is not a good choice.

"We want to be reliable." The person said with emotion.





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